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Co-Branding Advertising

Co-Branding Advertising

Co-Branding Advertising can be more effective than traditional advertising

There are some foods that just naturally go together- think of peanut butter and jelly, coffee and cream, or rum and Coke, and here comes the idea of co-branding advertising. While all of these foods are natural compliments to the other, very few of them are created by the same company.  That’s where the idea of co branding advertising can help you make the most of your advertising dollar. Co-branding advertising is a partnership between two companies or brands designed to mutually benefit both companies. Co-branding advertising is even more important than ever as companies vie for customer attention online as they hope to increase sales and improve brand recognition.  When co-branding advertising is used to its fullest potential, this form of advertising can be even more effective than traditional advertising methods.

The key to making co-branding advertising a success is to partner with the right company. The goal of co-branding advertising is to partner with another company that has a good reputation and strong brand recognition that also makes a logical pairing with your company. You should never attempt co-branding advertising with a company that competes with yours- instead, work with a company whose products compliment yours. In fact, you may even consider using co- branding advertising with one of the components of your product – one of the best known examples of co-branding advertising is a cola manufacturer who has partnered with an artificial sweetener company.

Co-branding advertising is not just for food companies

As with any type of advertising, co-branding advertising should be designed to help you bring in new customers. Many companies who have used co-branding advertising have chosen to create websites specifically dedicated to explaining how products can be used together. Other companies simply choose to launch campaigns that promote the products together.  Campaigns are often based around a particular season, which is a smart idea to bring in shoppers who are often looking for new food ideas for entertaining. For example, a three company team has launched a campaign aimed at summer entertaining that combines graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate which are marketed together for the purpose of making s’mores in the summertime during camping and outdoor cooking events. The options for food companies are endless- turkey and stuffing companies at Thanksgiving, wine and chocolate manufacturers at Valentine’s Day, or anything else that is used for entertaining.

Of course, the benefits of co-branding advertising aren’t just for food manufacturers. Supermarkets that team up with a local restaurant, beauty lines that market alongside vitamin manufacturers, and movie rental stores that team up with local pizza companies are all examples of co-branding advertising at work. Like any other marketing plan, co-branding advertising requires a comprehensive marketing scheme to ensure the best results.  Gourmet Ads can help by placing your online advertisements on our network of sites, helping you promote co branded recipe ideas, and showing your television commercials to our online audience. Our audience is made up of people who love to entertain, an ideal audience for co-branding advertising campaigns. Contact Gourmet Ads to find out how we can help you reach a new audience with your co-branding advertising campaign.

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