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Click Through Rate

Click Through Rate

Expected Click Through Rate for Advertisers

One of the most common questions our sales team are asked is what sort of Click Through Rate should I expect when running a display campaign with Gourmet Ads?

Well there are a number of factors in answering this question. Typically our endemic clients (like food and wine advertisers) see click through rates (CTR) of anywhere between .19% and 3.8% (yes you read that correct). This because we try to only to run relevant advertising campaigns with in each vertical. Our aim is that food goes with food and wine goes with wine. On occasions we do have clients who actually want to reach a wine audience.

Factors that contribute to high Click Through Rates include;

  • clear messaging|
  • engaging creative
  • strong branding (brand or product)
  • video or flash animation
  • proposition or call to action

Finally, the click through rate isn’t always an accurate measurement for the success of an advertising campaign. Recent industry research indicates that branding is just as effective in creating brand recognition as in actually clicking on an ad. We’ve previously written a blog on this topic called Its not always about the click which is well worth the read. For more information on the estimated Click Through Rate and Engagement Rates for campaigns, please Contact Us.


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