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Clear Call To Action

Clear Call to Action

Call to action seals the deal with customers

A “call to action” style of marketing is where the advertiser urges the consumer to immediately make a purchase or take action. It is simply a way of asking for a sale! Without a call to action, many advertisers and brands miss out on sealing the deal with their customers.

A call to action cannot stand on its own. You need to give your consumer some information about your company, what your brand stands for, what you can offer, and what makes you better than your competitors. You need to show and explain to your potential customer how you are more valuable and why they should come to you.

Call to action is all about motivating your customer into coming to you to make a purchase. It is therefore important in order to convert the “action” to make sales It is about giving the opportunity to your potential customer to make a purchase even if they hadn’t considered it. The more opportunities you give and the easier you make it for customer to go through and buy your product, the more likely it is you will convert your call to action into a sale.

When advertising online, the placement, shape, and size of your ‘call to action’ buttons are vital in grabbing the user’s attention and making it easy for them to make that action, whether it is signing up to a blog or clicking through to your product page.

Buttons that say “Try for Free”, “Join Now” or “Get Started” aren’t complicated and can easily grab a user’s attention. Large buttons are also easier to spot, even more so if they are placed in the upper half of your webpage. If a user has to scroll or search hard to find a “joining” button, they will quickly lose interest. Make call to actions easy for your consumers to find and you will increase the chances of making a sale.

Incorporate Call to Action button in your ad campaigns

Incorporating a ‘Call to Action’ button within your ad campaigns can have many benefits. Instead of letting your consumers know about your product and allow them to come to you, you can force them into action by adding a call to action button to your blog, advert or webpage. This means that you can encourage them to easily purchase your product and you are making the task much simpler for them.

Making the buttons a contrasting colour to the rest of your ad also stands out from the rest of the page. Ensure that you’re not over cluttering your page either – you want the button to stand on its own and entice users to click on it and therefore hopefully make a purchase. An effective ‘call to action’ button will let the user know exactly what they are getting when they click, and also force them into clicking it quickly and with urgency.

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