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Why HTML5 Matters to You

image (3)VHS, 8-tracks, cassette tapes and, Flash. All of these medium need a player to work, and now - all of these medium are either dead, or dying. Just as CDs replaced tapes, and now digital files are making CDs all but obsolete, Flash is quickly becoming a thing of the past as HTML5 becomes the industry standard.Just a few weeks...Continue Reading>>

Nielsen OCR Targeting

nielsen-logoMore and more digital agencies (and their advertisers) use Nielsen OCR for online campaign measurement both during the campaign itself, and during post-campaign analysis. Nielsen OCR makes extensive use of the world’s largest online demographic database, Facebook.Unfortunately, a common problem for media...Continue Reading>>

Zero Tolerance to Fraud

Zero Tolerance to FraudEarlier this year, I personally led the charge on implementing impression based monitoring technology across Gourmet Ads. The technology now measures every single impression served both across our directly managed network of food sites and when we buy impressions in the Appnexus Exchange...Continue Reading>>

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