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What Is A Quality Food Site?

What is a Quality Food Site ?A quality Recipe, Cooking or Food Site is a combination of many factorsHere at Gourmet Ads we’re regularly asked “what is a quality food site?”. It’s not a simple answer, but we’ll try to illustrate here what we believe a quality food site...Continue Reading>>

Clear Call To Action

Clear Call to ActionCall to action seals the deal with customersA “call to action” style of marketing is where the advertiser urges the consumer to immediately make a purchase or take action. It is simply a way of asking for a sale! Without a call to action, many advertisers and brands...Continue Reading>>

300×600 Ad Size Growing In Popularity

300x600300x600 Ad Size or the 'Half Page Ad'The 300x600 or the “half page ad” format is now an IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) standard format.At Gourmet Ads, we have nearly half of the sites we work with accept the 300x600 / half page ad unit on their sites. Why? Well, according to a recent...Continue Reading>>

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