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Campaign Optimization

Campaign Optimization

The Gourmet Ads network advertising server consistently throughout a campaign auto optimizes the ad serving ensuring sites which are best performing for a campaign receive a higher percentage of ads compared to sites that are not performing as well. Depending on the campaign this can sometimes not be enough for advertisers to see results.

Over and above our auto optimization, Gourmet Ads can run weekly manual campaign optimization, removing ad units which are poorly performing, thus improving the overall performance of the campaign increasing the return on investment. Each site and advertising campaign is different. On occasions ads located within content outperforms ads which are at the top of the page. Sometimes we’ll remove ads which are not performing and shift the budget to the creative that does work.

There isn’t a set formula for what works and what doesn’t, as such we’ll work hard to make sure your campaign performs. Some of the manual optimization tasks we undertake include;

  • Reduce the verticals – instead of Run of Network change to just Food Vertical
  • Removing ad units on sites which have a low click through rate (CTR)
  • Remove ad creative which has low click through rate (CTR)
  • Implement impressions capping say 5/24 or 3/24
  • Implement further geo-targeting
  • Implement browser based or connection filters
  • Suggest changing landing pages, remove fields

If you’d like more about Campaign Optimization, don’t hesitate to contact us for form more information.

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