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Buy Audiences Not Websites

Buy Audiences Not Websites

Buy Audiences of your Target Market

Vertical Ad Networks, like Gourmet Ads represent a change in how advertisers think about marketing their product. The rise of internet advertising and the growing need to deliver ads to the audience that is most receptive regardless of geographic limitations has lead retailers to turn to behavioral targeting. Highly specialized and niche vertical ad networks like us allow companies and advertising agencies reach the right customers online easier and at scale compared to an individual sites. For example Gourmet Ads is able to reach a specific, targeted audience on a range of sites from recipe sites to blogs all of which have their own audience. By aggregating these, we are able to offer at scale a quality audience of grocery buyers, providing an efficient method to buy audiences.

When marketing food and home goods, it makes sense to reach the people who are most likely to buy those items- the primary shoppers and decision makers in homes. Historically, advertisers have turned to branded content sites to place ads, hoping to reach shoppers who are visiting those sites. While this method has gained results, ads placed through ad networks reach a more specific, highly targeted audience. Why? The answer lies in how customers are approached. When you place an ad on a branded site, you are appealing to the audience for that single site. However, there are likely dozens of similar sites that each appeals to a portion of the audience you are looking for. In order to reach a large audience, you are forced to purchase ads individually on each site. Gourmet Ads reaches a broader section of your target audience by displaying your ad on hundreds of related quality sites, giving the impression that you are advertising on each site individually. As such with Gourmet Ads you Buy Audiences not individual websites.

Gourmet Ads allow you to Buy Audiences across hundreds of quality niche food sites

The difference between buying advertising space in front of an audience rather than on a single branded website is that you are increasing the number of your potential buyers that you reach by limiting your advertising to sites that appeal to your target audience. For example, food manufacturers often advertise in women’s interest magazines, knowing that some women who read these magazines make purchasing decisions and enjoy cooking. Even better, food manufacturers advertise in magazines about food and cooking, knowing that customers who read these magazines are likely to make food purchases. This is exactly what the Gourmet Ads network can do for you- our team researches each site we advertise on to understand who views that site, what they buy, and even where they live. Then, we reject sites that don’t appeal to our overall audience – the head household grocery buyer. Gourmet Ads is highly selective when determining which sites we advertise on, but that pickiness means that you can be sure your advertising message is going out to the right audience at the right time.

The proof that Gourmet Ads works is in our results – our advertisers reach their target audience every time, that’s why the majority of our clients renew. There’s a lot of research that suggests that knowing which customer is going to see your ad makes it possible to design advertisements to appeal to the customer you want to sell to.

Gourmet Ads understands our audience, giings advertisers the upper hand in reaching the right customer at the right time with the right message. Rather than spending advertising on a branded site where you may reach the customers you need, let Gourmet Ads design a campaign that will display your ad to our proven and scalable audience of household grocery buyers. For your next advertising campaign why not Buy Audiences opposed to stand alone websites.

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