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Breakfast Cereal Advertising

Breakfast Cereal Advertising helps Manufacturers Drive Sales to Grocery Buyers

Breakfast Cereal Advertising by manufacturers have been responsible for creating some of the most popular and memorable advertising campaigns in history. Ranging from characters like Tony the Tiger and Snap, Crackle, and Pop, children’s cereal advertising in particular has a following of consumers who love not just their breakfast cereal but the characters who bring the brand to live. Shoppers buy more than $10 billion in breakfast cereal each year, with sales reaching a global audience. For manufacturers, this means that the effectively marketing breakfast cereal brands can mean the difference between taking a large bite of the cereal market and being left at the bottom of the bowl.

Early advertising on radio, magazines, and television was the key to the booming breakfast cereal market. By the early 1980’s, many supermarkets carried up to 100 different types of cereal (including oatmeal, kids cereal, healthy options, and standard varieties). Consumers had a seemingly insatiable demand for cereals, fueled by heavy television advertising. Manufacturers who failed to properly advertise their products soon found themselves out of business, or purchased by a larger firm. The market for breakfast cereal today is still one of the best in the grocery business. Consumers are increasingly demanding cereals that taste great while still being nutritious. Companies that offer cereals that meet these needs can take a portion of the multi-billion dollar industry as long as they are prepared to advertise their product to shoppers.

Advertising remains a vital way to introduce customers to new types of Breakfast Cereal.

Unlike previous decades, radio and print advertising no longer appeal to broad segments of the population. Instead, online advertising has taken the role as a primary information source for grocery shoppers. There are a number of ways to appeal to shoppers who surf before they shop. For example, advertisements designed for television can be equally effective when placed online for viewing.

Research shows that customers who are visiting favorite online sites will often view and be engaged by brand advertising on those sites. Gourmet Ads has a large audience of customers who are highly likely to buy breakfast cereals. These customers are often the primary grocery shoppers in the household, many are parents, and a large portion of our viewers are interested in finding healthy ways to feed their families. This is an ideal audience for breakfast cereal manufacturers.

There are many other ways that Gourmet Ads can advertise your breakfast cereal to online shoppers. For example, research has demonstrated that shoppers are far more likely to try a new product if they have a coupon for that product. Gourmet Ads can help you design and place advertisements that allow customers to print a coupon for your breakfast cereal that will encourage customers to pick up a box next time they shop. We can also create rich media ads that will help you build brand awareness, ensuring that customers will think of you each time they walk down the cereal aisle. Our retargeting tools display your advertisement to customers who have previously visited your breakfast cereal website when they visit another site, using the power of repetition in advertising to build brand awareness. The team at Gourmet Ads will help you design a strategy that will help get your Breakfast Cereal in front of shoppers through a comprehensive online marketing campaign.

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