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Achieve Brand change by Consumers using Bread Advertising

Bread may very well be the definition of a staple food, and there are few households that would consider their weekly grocery shopping complete without purchasing at least one loaf of bread. While many consumers have purchased the same brand of bread for years, they are also open to the idea of new types of bread that may offer health benefits. That’s where Gourmet Ads can help your business – by bringing bread advertising to the household grocery buyers that purchase loaves of bread each week.

One of the major movements in bread advertising is to inform customers about the health benefits of a certain brand of bread. Wonder Bread built its brand by advertising to consumers, particularly children, about the health benefits of their bread. Today’s shoppers are looking for breads that offer more than just a quick way to make a sandwich- they are looking for whole grain and specialty breads that meet their dietary needs.

If your company produces bread that has significant health benefits, the Gourmet Ads audience offers the perfect place to let customers know what you have to offer. Additionally, if your company offers bread that meets specific needs, advertising can help you reach the frustrated consumers that are looking for just what you are selling. Examples include bread made for those with wheat intolerance or who are attempting to reduce Gluten in their diets. Often, consumers are not aware of the availability of this type of product, and it takes very little to make them loyal customers if you have what they are looking for.

Bread Advertising is Ideal for Digital Advertising Campaigns

Bread advertising, like many other foods, also has a seasonal component which makes it a good match for digital advertising campaigns. For example, advertising your brand to back-to-school shoppers may remind them that creating healthy lunches is easier than they might realize when they purchase the right bread. Other seasonal opportunities for bread advertising relate to celebrations that include family and food – dinner rolls for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter for example. Since bread is often a part of nearly every meal, advertising to household grocery buyers should focus on keeping your brand name in their minds as they hit the aisles.

While most bread advertising is focused on prepared bread that is often sold in grocery stores, advertising your bakery fresh bread is just as important. Purchasing bread from a bakery is a different experience for customers. Whether your grocery store offers a bakery or you are a stand-alone bakery, bread advertising through Gourmet Ads can be highly effective. With tools that allow us to place your ads in front of shoppers in your geographic region, digital bread advertising is just as effective as local television or newspaper advertising.

Bakeries and bread manufacturers are part of a very competitive industry in which there are many players, but finding your niche can be as simple as letting customers know how your brand fits into their healthy, busy lifestyle. Whether you have a global reach or market only to nearby customers, Gourmet Ads can help you get your bread advertising message out to customers.

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