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Branding the Grocery Shopping List

Branding the Grocery Shopping List

Are you Encouraging Consumers Brand their Grocery Shopping List ?

It is interesting to note that consumers will almost always buy exactly what they put on their grocery shopping list.  If they write down flour, they are going to buy flour. What do you think will happen if they write Gold Medal Flour on their list?  Getting the consumer to write your brand name on their grocery shopping list almost guarantees they will buy your product instead of your competitors, but how do you get them to do that?

The simple answer is continued brand advertising overtime. This helps cement your brand with consumers, but where do you advertise? Having your advertisements running next to the online recipes that mention your product will certainly build brand awareness. Especially since the consumer is usually looking at related recipes while they are planning their trip to the grocery store.

Of course, you could even take that whole concept a step further by providing the recipes on your website where you could also provide the shopping list for that recipe complete with your products brand name.  Think of the possibilities…Some consumers don’t write their grocery shopping list down or maybe their printer is out of ink.  What would happen if they could get that branded recipe or grocery shopping list sent right to their cell phone by email or sms text?

Having your Brand on the Grocery Shopping List is like Advertising at Point of Sale

How about a branded iPhone application that would allow the consumer to look up the recipe and download their shopping list right in the grocery store while they are trying to decide “what’s for dinner?”  The possibilities are endless once you start thinking outside the box of conventional advertising and meet the consumer right where they live.

Technology is becoming more and more integrated with our lives and the consumer is using the internet and their cell phones to help them with just about everything including planning their meals and grocery shopping list.  Getting your product listed by name on their shopping list means getting your product in their shopping cart.  The best way to get on their shopping list is to advertise next to online recipes, thus encouraging Branding the Grocery Shopping List.

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