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Best Food Day

Best Food Day

Best Food Day is when Food Companies Advertise their Best Specials

In the newspaper industry, Wednesdays are often known as Best Food Day, when food manufacturers and retailers do the majority of their advertising. Studies have shown that readership is up Best Food Day as consumers search for the best grocery shopping deals. Even in markets where Wednesday is not the day most filled with food advertising, readers know when to look for food advertisements and newspapers see a spike in sales. But we also know that newspaper readership as a whole is decreasing as more consumers get their news online. So what does that mean to retailers who have looked to Best Food Day advertising as the key to their target audience? It simply means that Best Food Day has changed, and an increasing number of shoppers now get the majority of their advertising online.

Rather than a single day of the week that appeals to food customers, there is now Gourmet Ads with is Best Food Day everyday. Customers who buy food for their families no longer turn to the newspaper for recipes or ideas for meals- instead; they turn to online food blogs, recipe sites and other food type sites. Gourmet Ads Best Food Market is defined as the network of online sites that appeal to the primary household cooks, and main grocery buyers with the households. Today’s home cooks are still primarily mothers, but an increasing number of men are devoting time to searching for recipes and preparing meals for their families. Appealing to these customers through Gourmet Ads sites is easy, if you know what they are looking for.

Traditional advertising tells you that you can place an advertisement on any site, and a percentage of the customers who view it will be interested in what you are selling. But what we know about shoppers tells us that the people who buy food don’t look for food on just any site- they trust advertisements that are on the sites that they visit looking for information about food. Gourmet Ads isn’t made up of sites that offer customers information about news, weather, or shopping. Instead, Gourmet Ads consists of sites that offer recipe ideas, blogs about cooking and food, and even sites that offer the latest gossip on celebrity chefs and televised cooking shows.

Gourmet Ads allows food retailers and manufacturers to reach out to customers on these sites. The idea of reaching out to customers through vertical online advertising will grow increasingly important as newspaper advertising becomes less effective, and businesses who begin advertising through the best food market will reach consumers long before they head to the supermarket aisles for their next shopping trips. Customers are demanding more from food companies, such as the ability to print out the coupons they once clipped from newspaper advertisements.

With Gourmet Ads, Best Food Day is 7 Days a week online

Gourmet Ads can help you reach out to customers through it’s own network of food-related sites, offering customers the ability to find out more about your company, print out coupons, and even see store circulars when they visit their favorite website. While the idea of a single Best Food Day may no longer exist, the growth of the Gourmet Ads network has created new opportunities for advertisers to reach consumers.

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