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BBQ Advertising marks the onset of summer

When the weather starts to get a bit hotter, there are only three things on most people’s minds; sunbathing, beaches and BBQs! It is no wonder then that BBQ and grilling equipment sales and advertising start around the onset of summer.

It’s all about timing; advertising campaigns need to get BBQ and grilling equipment incorporated into their campaigns at the right time, which is ideally just on the cusp of summer. Seasonal advertising has proven effective in the past, and advertising relevant products for certain times of year is a great way of increasing revenues – you are simply playing on the consumers’ wants and needs and allowing them to see what you have to offer.

Newer products in this area need to be pushed and advertised starting in the April/May period. This is when the weather begins to get hotter and is around the time that consumers will begin to consider dining outside. Equipment for BBQ and grilling is on the up rise, and 40% of BBQ sales are hooded, all though flat grills are still a popular choice with consumers.

In order to create effective ad campaigns for BBQ and grilling promotions, Gourmet Ads can help you advertise using our network of sites. We have plenty of food lovers who browse our sites, and targeting those who like to have a barbeque in the summer shouldn’t be difficult. Although BBQs have up until recently been considered a masculine activity, studies have shown that 49% of women will buy their BBQs themselves and get grilling!

Gourmet Ads can push your BBQ advertising campaigns effectively

In terms of brand establishment, Gourmet Ads can provide an effective platform for exposure when it comes to different products to cook on your BBQ. Gone are the days when burgers and sausages were the only options for alfresco dining, consumers are getting more creative with their choices nowadays so now is the perfect time to start advertising other meaty alternatives. Gourmet barbequed foods seem to be the items of choice, including grilled fish or skewered beef kebabs. Adding a touch of delicacy to the whole outdoor dining experience, advertising different types of BBQ and grilling food is a great way to get your consumers to branch out and try new things.

Gourmet Ads owns the BBQ Site which allows advertisers to run Pre Roll Advertising before BBQ Videos. Options include 30 second or 15 second pre roll video ads with or without a 300×250 Companion Ad.

It’s not just the summer months that are reserved for barbequing. In fact, about 21% consumers will happily admit that they have most of their BBQs during the spring months – after all, this is a time of year where most countries across the globe will start to see some of the best weather they’ve had for months!

Whether your consumers have BBQs often or not, there are still a number of essential pieces of equipment they will need for a successful grilling session – tongs, spatulas, forks, thermometers, knives and cutting boards are just a few items that you can advertise around the spring and summer to help your consumers make the most of their BBQ and grilling equipment and also make the most of the sunshine!

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