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Automotive Advertising is highly relevant to Grocery Buyers

Last week I was going through some Comscore information about sites within our network and was surprised to see a large amount of automotive indexes associated with our food sites. There a number of reasons why we see these automotive indexes appearing, particularly because the main grocery buyer actually drives to grocery store.

However, to explain these better, I thought I’d reach out to Luke Manion who runs the automotive ad network AdTorque for his thoughts and comment on why the Gourmet Ads Network reports high indexes for automotive advertising.  “It has long been a myth in the automotive industry that men make the majority of purchasing decisions. Recently Business Week said that the women’s decision-making authority has grown in part because more households are headed by women — 27% at last count, a fourfold increase since 1950. Their buying power has grown, too. In the past three decades, men’s median income has barely budged — up just 0.6% — while women’s has soared 63%.  Automotive advertisers are desperately wanting to tap this valuable female market which makes Gourmet Ads such an attractive proposition.”

Therefore, any automotive products aimed at women will find our food vertical an ideal platform to talk with potential female buyers, however these areas make particular sense;

  • New Cars (Small, Luxury, Mid Sized, Van and SUV) 
  • Navigational products ( GPS ) 
  • Service ( tyres, tune up ) 
  • Roadside Assistance

Reaching Auto Intenders with Automotive Advertising

So going back to the Comscore indexes, here are some of the automotive indexes which I found of interest, particularly to automotive advertisers; 

  • 200 Index for audience very likely to purchase a new or used vehicle within the next 6 months 
  • 803 Index for buying a car with lease online in the last 6 months 
  • 358 Index for buying auto parts and supplies online in the last 6 months 
  • 287 Index for buying automotive loan online in the past 6 months 
  • 643 Index for having bought a used car online within the last 6 months
  • 1950 Index for plan to buy in the next 6 months a Large luxury vehicle 
  • 247 Index for plan to buy in the next 6 months a Midsize sedan/coupe  
  • 212 Index for plan to buy in the next 6 months a Full-size sports utility (SUV)  
  • 201 Index for plan to buy in the next 6 months a Full-size van  

So if you’re in the automotive industry and looking to reach into new channel to drive sales, then Gourmet Ads can develop a digital media plan that will deliver your Automotive Advertising to auto intenders within our audience.


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