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Appnexus Packages – Let’s Make a Deal

Programmatic Based Deal Packages

Recently I was invited by Appnexus CEO Bryan O’Kelly to be a speaker at the annual Appnexus European Summit, where I helped launch their brand new Packages feature. The highlight of our presentation, together with Edward Thomas from Accuen London, was to execute the world’s fastest Programmatic deal, which we did in 4 minutes and 38 seconds.

What are Packages and how can they help you?

Appnexus Packages (you’ll need an Appnexus Console Login to Access) make ad buying simple and seamless from a Catalogue for one-click purchasing. Packages speed up the process of programmatic media buying, because they eliminate the inefficiency of back-and-forth negotiating one-off deals, helping you find inventory and select the units you need quickly and in real time.

Packages with Gourmet Ads

Gourmet Ads is one of the first Appnexus Sellers in the world to provide packages to the Console Buyer. Our Programmatic Team has created a number of packages based on audience, placement and context, giving you the flexibility to choose exactly where your ads appear. Audience-Based packages offer a fine-tuned demographic.

Opportunities are selected based on our assessment of each of our partner sites’ audiences (e.g. household cooks, moms, vegetarians) along with third party data that enables us to drill down beyond interest, age, sex etc. to find additional data segments like frequency of grocery trips or social food influencers.

Placement-Based packages give buyers access to specific ad sizes and locations (e.g. above the fold, homepage only, 80% viewable). All standard ad sizes are supported for both IAB and mobile.

Content-Based packages offer hyper-targeted buys based on a specific food category, recipe, or ingredient. For example, a maker of pasta sauce can be assured their ads will run only alongside pasta recipes.

Sample Packages

Here are just a sample a few audience, placement and contextual packages we currently offer.


Package Category Package Description
Baking Recipes Contextual Our Baking Package is one of largest Contextual Segments across our publisher network, ideal for brands looking to influence the novice and professional baker alike. The audience viewing baking recipes is one of the most active and engaged online.
Moms Audience Moms are most often the family cook, primary grocery buyer and household decision maker. Our Moms Audience Package reaches this audience when they are researching and viewing recipes to the cook for the family.
970×250 Billboard
IAB Rising Stars
Placement Increase Brand Lift with the Billboard 970×250. The Billboard is one of the best performing placements across Gourmet Ads.

Just the Start of Packages

Since launching packages in London we’ve added a stack of packages, but there are more to come. Our Programmatic Team continues to listen to buyers and, where possible, we’ll add packages that make sense for multiple Appnexus buyers. View all of our existing packages in Appnexus. Looking to start purchasing packages, or want to learn more? Contact our Programmatic Team


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