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Appnexus Background Skins

Appnexus Background Skins

RTB enabled Background Skins via Appnexus Exchange

Gourmet Ads is currently undertaking limited testing of RTB enabled Background Skins on our Appnexus powered Private Exchange.

Background Skins testing will initially be available on our recipe search engine, RecipeBridge with the view of rolling out RTB enabled buying on other owned websites. Longer term, the plan is to roll out this to all Gourmet Ads Publishers seeking to monetize their background skin inventory as well as other rich media placements.

We’ve built a rather robust and scalable background skin management tool while taking the view that The Gourmet Ads Marketplace (our Private Exchange) and RTB (real time bidding) enabled inventory will be much more than regular display sized ads. We believe that real time bidding will provide the platform for more brand rich media based advertising for our clients.

As such we’re seeking Advertisers, Advertising Agencies, Demand Side Platforms or Retargeters who are interested in being involved in the initial testing of Backgrounds Skins.

For more information about buying Background Skins via Appnexus Exchange, please Contact Us