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Advertising your Winery Website

Advertising your Winery Website

How are you Advertising your Winery Website ?

So you’ve spent time and budget on developing your winery website. Your winery site has all the bells and whistles from the latest ecommerce system through to inventory management and point of sales software integration. There is also a wide range of delivery methods, as well as all the wines which are for sale, including the latest vintage as well as the reserve vintage. Your winery site has it all. So what’s the next step?

For many wineries, one of the most important steps is often forgotten about when developing a winery website, is Advertising your Winery Website. The advertising plan is about how you plan to reach your target consumers and drive wine sales on the site.

Your media plan when advertising your winery website should include information on;

  1. Target Market
  2. Location of ideal customer
  3. Advertising Message
  4. Launch Promotion
  5. Budget

Driving new customers to your site is what it’s about and having an online advertising campaign is the logical medium to start with, given that you are promoting your website. The aim should be to advertise where possible consumers are engaging online, which is why advertising in a vertical advertising network such as Gourmet Ads is ideal.

Gourmet Ads has the ability to run online advertising locally, nationally or internationally depending on the target you wish to reach. Apart from reaching wine consumers and wine connoisseurs when advertising your winery website, we can reach also reach food communities as well through our food vertical.

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