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Advertising Vitamins

Advertising Vitamins

Advertising Vitamins to the Household Grocery Buyer

The vitamins and mineral supplement industry is growing rapidly, and subsequently, so is its advertising. In a world where we are now more than ever trying to better ourselves, the vitamins market expands every day. What better niche market to advertise than to those that are keen to improve their health and live long lives?

Consumers are always searching for what is good for them, and if there are advertisements in place to tell them the benefits of vitamins, then they are sure to gain an interest and therefore want to purchase your product. The emphasis does not need to be on taking as many vitamins as possible to make up for all the junk food consumers might be eating, instead we need to educate them on what can benefit their lifestyle. A good, balanced diet is obviously a great foundation toward building a healthy way of life.

Vitamins are great for people that don’t get all the vitamins that they need just out of their food; this shouldn’t mean that people should use pills as a replacement, certainly not! Vitamins however are great for people who lack certain vitamins and minerals in their diet. For example, vegans who don’t eat meat or don’t consume dairy products should take vitamin B12, or people who are housebound and don’t get enough exposure to the sun should take vitamin D. So its key for manufacturers to undertake advertising vitamins to all demographics.

Advertising vitamins have to follow some mandatory guidelines

As with most other pills, the advertising of vitamin supplements must come with a disclaimer. The Dietary Supplements Health and Education Act (DSHEA) have put a disclaimer in place to help you advertise your product. Although the DSHEA disclaimer is not directly linked to advertising, it is there as a clear guideline to help you explain to your customers what your product is, so they won’t find it misleading.

Regulations of course must apply to the advertising of vitamins, as with every product out there. To gain credibility, we must not mislead our consumers. Vitamins must come with “competent and reliable scientific evidence” that they genuinely are beneficial for the consumer (as stated by the Federal Trade Commission).  It is therefore important to also disclose any possible side-effects your product might create– consumers are more likely to trust you if you tell them any risks up front rather than finding them out themselves.

Advertising vitamins thus, is a fast emerging niche market with tremendous growth potential. Vitamin supplements advertisements can find a place on the Gourmet Ads network, and with the vitamins market ever growing, what better place to get your product noticed?

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