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Advertising Valentine’s Day Specials

Advertising Valentine's Day Specials

Advertising campaigns to increase sales for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day – a day where couples can lavish each other with affection and gifts! Many people believe that these sentiments should be shown all year, not just on Valentine’s Day. We say: why not capitalize on the fact that people want to buy gifts and have special meals during this special time of year?

Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular days in the year for the exchanging of flowers, chocolates, teddy bears, jewelry and other gifts, and sales for these products climb annually. Basing your advertising campaign around this day can help you see a measurable increase in sales for relevant products. Digital advertising in particular offers some of the best opportunities for Valentine’s Day themed advertising campaigns – which is ideal for chocolate companies and flower delivery services.

Traditionally, Valentine’s Day advertising has been focused at men purchasing gifts for women, however, as times change so do trends in buying which is why many advertising campaigns are shifting aim and spend to the female demographic.

A Valentine’s Day advertising campaign is all about knowing which groups of customers to target. Studies have shown that, surprisingly, people that are most likely to receive the most Valentine gifts are teachers, children and mothers. Gourmet Ads can give you the ideal platform to direct your products toward specific target audiences.

Everyone loves a Valentine’s Day deal, so whether your company sells flowers, chocolates, or bottles of champagne, Gourmet Ads can help you place your ad so that it will reach your desired consumer.

Valentine’s Day deals range from chocolates and flowers to gourmet dining options

If you own a restaurant or hotel, deals might include discount prices for anyone attending your establishment on Valentine’s Day – free bottles of wine or desserts, or perhaps something similar placed in a hotel room, would appeal to the shopper who wants to do something special for their loved one on Valentine’s Day.

This time of year doesn’t just have to revolve around going out for food. Couples love sentiment, and if someone wants to treat their loved one to something truly special on Valentine’s Day, they may consider an event or activity. Going to the theatre, sipping cocktails in a classy bar, or even kayaking or sailing might make for the perfect gift for the right person. Activities placed alongside various dining options could be the perfect Valentine’s package.

For all the lovers who want to cook a romantic meal for their partner, advertisers can use Gourmet Ads to promote “Meal for Two” deals at a discounted price. Gourmet Ads’ large network of sites means that packages like this and other discount deals can reach your target customers, and could potentially increase sales of specific products.

So use Gourmet Ads to offer great deals for Valentine’s Day and you will generate interest which ultimately means more sales.

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