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Advertising Tupperware

Tupperware though old is still around

Tupperware has been around since the mid 1940s, when Earl Tupper began creating plastic bowls and cups out of a newly formulated plastic combing polyethylene and polymer. First used in bathrooms, the cups soon became popular for their strength, multiple uses and cheap prices.

Ranges of bowls with sealed lids were the next products to be manufactured out of the sturdy plastic, and these became an instant hit with households across the world. Sealed bowls revolutionized the post-war era, allowing households to keep food fresh for longer and therefore economise at a time when it was most needed. In fact Tupperware became so popular, that Tupperware parties became the fashionable thing in the 1950s and beyond, where housewives could not only socialize with friends, but also sell them these increasingly popular products and make a little money too!

Although Tupperware parties are now considered a thing of the past, there is a social aspect that comes hand in hand with Tupperware products. Tupperware parties have a bonding experience associated with them, but at the same time, their primary purpose is to carry out Tupperware sales.

Tupperware Advertising embracing social media

Gourmet Ads can provide a good platform for dedicated Tupperware audiences and food and blog sites within the Gourmet Ads network are the ideal way to advertise these types of products. Gourmet Ads’ audience is mainly focused around food lovers, cooks, chefs, critics and even those with an interest in trying new recipes, which means that relevant products such as Tupperware would merge fantastically with audiences who want to keep their food fresh and can also introduce new storage solutions.

The beauty of Tupperware is that through each decade, its products have adapted to fit the changing of the times and they will continue to do so over the next ten or maybe one hundred years. However, adaptable products are no good unless they are being advertised to the right people, in the right locations, at the right time. By using targeting (or more specifically) geo targeting, Gourmet Ads can help advertisers run effectively targeted campaigns to reach out to consumers according to their location.

Providing a platform which allows you to advertise your Tupperware products to people in specific areas means that your advertising budget is used productively and sparingly. Instead of wasting adverts on people who are irrelevant to your target demographic due to their age or location, geo targeted campaigns can help you promote your Tupperware to appropriate customers.

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