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Advertising Theatre Tickets

Advertising Theatre Tickets

Advertising theater tickets online is another effective marketing tool

Advertising theater tickets is a very effective marketing tool for advertisers. People love the theater, and advertising theater tickets online is a fantastically unique form of media.

Theater is no longer the luxury it once was, and now with various plays and many productions being accessible to the masses, advertising theater tickets is a great way to reach out to everyone. Not only are you providing people with a truly cultural experience, you are also increasing their awareness of the types of shows available at their local theaters.

There is a fantastic return on investment in featuring theater tickets in advertising campaigns meaning that more advertising also means more profits for you and your company, and increasing your profits is what it’s all about isn’t it? To entice non-theater goers into wanting to go to see a show, a great way of promoting theater tickets is to offer theater ticket combinations along with other products such as restaurant vouchers or access into local tourist attractions (museums and art galleries etc.).

By offering these special deals to potential customers, they feel like they are getting excellent value for money. A great combination deal that consumers usually would love the opportunity to have, is the “Dinner and a Show” deal. By selling theater tickets alongside a meal deal, you are offering the ultimate evening experience. Punters love discounts; the lower the price they can get for a fabulous evening out with their loved ones, the more they will love your brand!

Advertising theater tickets in pre-roll video advertising

The advertising of theater tickets in pre-rolls produce particularly good results with advertisers and because of this, publishers are given a great opportunity to up sell and enhance profit as much as possible. The popularity of purchasing theater tickets usually hits around the holiday season. A great Christmas treat, going to the theater with your family can be a great entertaining thing to do while you are kept in a nice warm auditorium and staying protected from the snow outside!

The idea of going to the theater is very special to those who don’t usually attend, this is why there is a surge in theater tickets sales during the holidays. The holidays are about over-indulgence, so people want to treat themselves and have a special experience that they might not consider at any other time of year.

The advertising of theater tickets is a big business, and a great one to get into to maximise profits and increase brand awareness. If you remember that people love to treat themselves, you will do well in advertising theater tickets, and emphasize how much consumers can get out the experience and your brand will soon be at the forefront of their minds!

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