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Advertising Supermarket Specials

Advertising Supermarket Specials

Placing your weekly supermarket specials in the lap of your target audience.

Supermarket specials are designed to encourage customer loyalty and bring in new customers. Sometimes they are a loss leader. However, unless supermarket specials are marketed to the right audience, you won’t see the full benefits. Advertising supermarket specials to the right customers at the right time is far more complex than just sending out a weekly circular and waiting for shoppers to come in. To get the most from your specials, you need a targeted marketing plan that will help you bring in the customers you’re looking for.

Most grocery chains, and even many smaller grocers, run weekly printed advertisements that contain specials designed to bring in customers. These advertisements are usually letterbox dropped and ultimately these end up in the rubbish bin. Wouldn’t you better reaching your target audience online where they are researching recipes and making meal decisions each and every day?

This is where Gourmet Ads comes in. We can work with your marketing team to develop an ongoing online strategy around your weekly and even daily supermarket specials, delivered to our audience of main house grocery buyers. It’s these grocery buyers we reach which are searching for budget friendly ways to feed their families. Additionally these are often busy women who are very smart about how to stretch the families meal dollars. We can also use geo targeting on the campaign, allowing you to run different supermarket specials in different geographic regions.

Online Advertising your Supermarket Specials is highly cost effective

Advertising your weekly and even daily supermarket specials online is a mechanism that keeps your supermarket brand top of mind, a sure-fire way to keep customers coming back.

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