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Advertising Supermarket Home Delivery

Advertising Supermarket Home Delivery

Tap new Consumers with Supermarket Home Delivery

One of the biggest challenges faced by today’s grocery buyer is how to find the time and energy it takes to go the grocery store. With more households made up of single parents or both parents working, a trip to the store to buy those much needed staples can be a significant challenge schedule wise. While only a handful of grocery retailers offer home delivery of online orders, consumer surveys suggest that offering home delivery can be a significant way to bring in new customers.

Several large retailers have begun experimenting with the idea of delivering groceries right to their shoppers’ front door. Early results show that supermarket home delivery may be the wave of the future for many families. Canned and boxed goods are easy candidates for delivery from major retailers, but the demand for delivery of fresh goods, paper products, and even toiletries has left a major opening for local grocery stores.

While busy working families are one segment of the supermarket home delivery market, another is senior citizens and housebound adults who have difficulty physically navigating a trip to their local supermarket. Those sites that offer supermarket home delivery of grocery items- particularly retailers who intend to provide high levels of customer service such as unloading groceries inside the home- can expect to develop a loyal following among those who have difficulty in navigating supermarket aisles.

Aside from home delivery, supermarkets who are considering online ordering may want to consider store pick-up. Essentially, customers do their shopping online over the course of a day (or even several days), and then place an online order. The retailer provides a time when the customer can pick up their order, and then simply loads the selected items right into the customer’s vehicle. This method can be a great time saver for busy moms who don’t want to spend time walking up and down aisles as well as those with mobility challenges.

If your chain has decided to begin offering home delivery or curbside pickup of groceries, the next step becomes attracting customers. Since the majority of customers who take advantage of this service will be regular internet users, it makes sense to begin an online marketing campaign for your new service. Placing ads that mention home delivery on sites frequented by household grocery buyers is the best way to get the word out about home delivery options available at your location. Appealing to buyers on food-related sites such as those that offer recipe ideas or food blogs can encourage customers to click through and find out more about home delivery options.

Developing an Advertising Supermarket Home Delivery Campaign

As home delivery of online grocery orders becomes more popular, you may consider creating an advertising campaign specifically aimed at consumers who can benefit from online ordering and home delivery. For example, busy mothers who spend time looking for new recipe ideas will be glad to find out that they can have the ingredients for the healthy, easy to prepare meals they have found delivered right to their home, giving them more time for cooking and spending time with their families rather than running to the grocery stores.

Supermarket Home delivery plans work perfectly in conjunction with other online tools such as meal planning checklists that allow shoppers to plan ahead for several days’ worth of meals. Supermarkets which are planning a home delivery option should include online advertising as part of their advertising launch strategy for this increasingly popular alternative to going to the grocery store. Gourmet Ads runs advertising programs for supermarkets and grocery stores around the world everyday and we’re currently seeing more and more advertising campaigns around Supermarket Home Delivery.

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