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Advertising Steaks

Advertising steaks online can boost sales with the upcoming grilling season

Shopping is all about convenience for the buyer, and if buying meat is too much of a hassle, people will look for alternative and easier solutions such as ordering steaks and other meat products online from a reliable retailer. However, to distinguish between a brand they can trust and just a random internet brand, advertisers can help consumers make their decision by using advertising campaigns.

Advertising campaigns can lead to selling steaks online, and with Memorial Day coming up, this is the ideal time to run these types of campaigns. Memorial Day is to honour Americans that have died for the country, and while it can be a sombre occasion, it is also a celebration of what they have done for their fellow Americans. This is why, on the last Monday of May, picnics and barbeques are held across the United States and also marks the start of the summer months.

Steaks are popular around this time of year predominantly because BBQs and other outdoor food events are likely to take place while the weather is getting warmer. Advertising steaks at this time is the ideal solution for the consumer, as they don’t even need to drive to a local butcher or supermarket to buy their BBQ food, but instead can order it as and when they want. Targeted advertising for different types of steak such as kosher or organic is on the up rise and is very important to include. These are vital to include because there are 6.5 million Jewish people in the United States. By involving different religious or ethnic communities into your ad campaign, you are not excluding anyone and therefore can be seen as an inclusive and trusted brand by a wide range of consumers.

Organic steak is the cut grown to “organic” standards, meaning that the cow is raised on land which has no exposure to pesticides or other chemicals which could harm the animal such as specific medications. Buying organic steak can be important for your consumers who want to support ethical treatment of animals, support free range produce and protect the environment.

Recipe Adverts can advertise different types of steaks

Setting up ad campaigns as recipe widgets can further advertise your different types of steaks and can help consumers find what they need in a convenient and easy way. Widgets make searches easier, and it makes sense to make a potential customer’s browsing and buying experience easier by simply adding widgets to find what they need in just a click. Widgets advertising the different steaks – and what customers can do with the different steaks – are a great way of exposing the diversity of your brand.

Gourmet Ads run geo targeted campaigns and therefore provide a platform for steak companies and brands to reach their desired demographic. For example, kosher steaks might be better advertised in areas where there are strong Jewish communities etc.  By geo targeting your ad campaign, you can ensure your steaks advertising is reaching the right consumers.


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