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Advertising St Patrick’s Day

Advertising St Patrick's Day

St Patrick’s Day offers spring opportunities for advertisers

St Patrick’s Day has more recently become more of a commercial holiday, and because of this retailers and grocers often run special deals around this time. St Patrick’s Day falls on March 17th, and it is thanks to the wide range of people all over the world that have begun to celebrate “Paddy’s Day” that makes it such a great time to run an effective ad campaign.

St Patrick’s Day is celebrated in different ways all over the glove, and besides being celebrated with vast amounts of food and booze; it has also become associated with sowing seeds. It is beginning to be thought of as a day to begin gardening and planting seeds ready to see them bloom in the summer months. This makes it a great time for ad campaigns to drive consumers to garden centres and grocery stores which carry these types of product. Larger supermarkets are also now boasting more fresh produce than ever before, so seeds and other plants can often be found here.

E-commerce sites also run St Patrick’s Day deals

Not only are retailers and grocers running ad campaigns relating to Paddy’s Day, ecommerce sites are also taking part. E-commerce sites also often run special deals and present offers to their consumers around this time, so if you want to boost your e-commerce site’s business, reputation and sales, then Gourmet Ads can help. Gourmet Ads runs a network of sites which reach out to many people, meaning that your ad campaign can benefit from targeting new consumers and create a better establishment of your brand.

Establishing and gaining credibility for your brand is very important, but so is making sure that your ad campaigns are targeting the right demographics. Gourmet Ads run geo targeted campaigns which provide a platform for brands to get St Patrick’s Day deals reaching the right audience. And in this instance, the “right” audience doesn’t just have to mean those who live in Ireland! St Patrick’s Day may be an Irish holiday, but people all over the world like to celebrate it.

And why not celebrate a day where emphasis is put on drinking green beer, Guinness, wearing green, decorating pubs and living rooms with shamrocks and being merry. It is the perfect way for consumers to get rid of the depression they might be feeling from winter, and advertise St Patrick’s Day deals.

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