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Advertising Single Serve Coffee Makers

Advertising Single Serve Coffee Makers

Single Serve Coffee Makers are the hottest new trend in kitchenware

An advertising war is brewing as manufacturers see their small appliances become the hottest new trend in kitchenware. As people become more interested in home cooking, Single Serve Coffee Makers and other mini-items are turning into best sellers. Sales of these small appliances have grown by nearly five percent over the last couple of years in the U.S. after first becoming popular in Europe. The U.S. market is still regarded as wide open because many U.S. consumers still don’t know about single-serve products.

Another driving force behind the surge of mini-appliances is demographics. More households are made up of only one or two people who enjoy little pleasures, want to entertain more at home, and like small appliances that save time but still are efficient in the kitchen.

Small-kitchen-appliance sales topped $2.7 billion in 2010, with one cup coffee makers leading the way. As fewer people visit coffee houses, they purchase more espresso and single-cup makers for their homes. People like small kitchen appliances because they are both attractive and useful.

Gift stores like Behrings says that all coffee makers are selling well but single serves outsell regular size. They range in price from $26 to $200. One popular single-serve from Keurig sells for $139.99.

Other popular brands include Tassimo Krups, and Senseo. Nespresso North America, a single-serve brand owned by Nestlé SA plans to start a major ad campaign to increase their market share.

Advertising Single Serve Coffee Makers is aimed at Households of two or less

The one-cup coffee maker could be regarded as the iTunes of drinks since everyone can choose their favorite flavor and type of coffee. Single-serve coffee makers allow java lovers to insert pods or cartridges into miniature machines that brew coffee, or espresso one cup at a time. These pods, pads, capsules, or cartridges must be purchased separately. Coffee pod brewers offer over 250 varieties of coffee and will work in a wide variety of coffee makers.

Lowe’s Hardware reports that their best selling small appliances are mixers and coffee makers. Macy’s Department Store reports robust sales in one-cup coffee makers especially Keurig brand.

Although men show more interest in cooking with so many television shows centered around male chefs, women are the primary buyers of single-serve coffee makers. They report spending at least some time online researching Single Serve Coffee Makers and brands before making their purchases at local outlets.

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