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Advertising For Shopping Malls

Advertising for shopping malls

Advertising For Shopping Malls to recreate the “Mall” experience online

Once a destination for shoppers everywhere, the growth of internet shopping and stand-alone retail stores has created more competition than ever for shopping malls, and hence, the importance of advertising for shopping malls. Recent studies have found that shoppers who spend time in retail shopping malls enjoy shopping more and are more likely to make impulse purchases than those who shop online. The right advertising for shopping malls and the stores within can bring those shoppers back and remind them how much they enjoy the “mall” experience.

Advertising for shopping malls takes a number of different forms. The first focuses mainly on getting customers into the mall. There are several highly successful mall “brands”, such as Westfield, Simon, and others who operate multiple large retail mall locations. For these companies, the key lies in reminding customers of the pleasure they get out of visiting a mall.  Shopping at a mall is more than just a trip to pick up an item or two; it is an experience that can be enjoyed by everyone from families to couples and groups of people. Gourmet Ads can use geo targeting to display information, special events, or fun shopping ideas to customers in the same geographic location as your malls.  Whether you have locations in a large number of cities or just a few, geotargeted marketing means that the customers who are likely to visit your store will be the same ones that view your advertising.  Malls that are not owned by a larger corporation can benefit by many of the same marketing strategies as larger chains.

The next type of advertising focuses on a particular store or stores inside of a mall.  There are a large number of retailers whose locations exist almost exclusively within larger malls.  The challenge for these stores is letting customers know that they are out there and that they offer products and services that local customers would be interested in.  Smaller specialty stores in particular can benefit from advertising that lets customers know that they can browse through a selection of products at a local store rather than guessing at what they want from an online store.  Gourmet Ads can design marketing campaigns that will attract customers to your store, whether you sell food or fashion, jewelry or puppies.

Gift cards – an effective strategy in Advertising for Shopping Malls

One are of mall advertising that is often overlooked is the advertising of gift cards.  Many malls already offer gift cards that can be used at any retailer within the mall, but consumers are generally less aware of this type of card than they are of store-specific gift cards.  The increase in gift card spending makes shopping mall gift cards a great opportunity because not only does it promote spending at the mall, it also attracts customers who may not have otherwise come to the mall to shop.  If your mall does not already have a gift card program in place, Gourmet Ads can help you design everything from the promotion to the packaging.  And if you have already decided to sell mall gift cards, Gourmet Ads can help you reach customers and let them know about the fun of shopping at the mall with a gift card.

Despite the popularity of online shopping, there is no experience that matches the fun of shopping at a retail mall.  While customers are looking for products online, they are still interested in shopping trips where they can enjoy the sights and sounds of the mall.  By creating the right advertising for shopping malls, and reaching out to these customers with Gourmet Ads is a great way to boost sales and appeal to a new generation of shoppers.

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