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Advertising Recipes Guides

Advertising Recipes Guides

Advertising Recipes Guides provide Grocery Buyers Meal Inspiration

Today’s grocery consumer is looking for more than just ingredients – they are looking for inspiration. That’s why many companies have found success with using recipe ideas to market their products. While the idea of printing recipes on the packaging of everyday staple products has been around for many years, more companies are using recipe booklets to give customers more ways to make use of their favorite products. The state of the economy and the growing popularity of television and celebrity chefs have created a dramatic increase in the number of consumers who are choosing to stay home and cook. Even more surprising is the number of shoppers who pick out their dinner ideas based on a favorite ingredient, rather than creating a meal around existing ingredients. Whether you want to bring new customers to your product or are just looking for an exciting new marketing strategy, consider using recipe guides in your next campaign.

The first step is deciding what to include in your recipe guide. While this is a simple step for staple-type ingredients that can be included as a part of many different recipes, but even ready-to-eat food companies can use recipe guides to expand their product line. For example, you may want to create a recipe guide that includes ideas for dishes that compliment your product. Your recipe guide should include images that help build brand awareness and show off your product- for example, a holiday recipe guide should help sell the experience of enjoying your product in the context of family gatherings rather than just marketing the product itself.

“Some of the best performing advertising campaigns run on Gourmet Ads have included recipe guides as part of the call to action”, Benjamin Christie, Founder, Gourmet Ads.

The next step is getting your recipe guide into the hands of shoppers. Traditional methods include in-store displays, demonstrations, and flyers, but the age of electronic marketing provides more opportunities than ever. One way that Gourmet Ads can help you get the most out of your recipe guide is by offering it as an online give away. Advertising Recipes is easy. Gourmet Ads will design an advertising marketing program driving grocery buyers back to your website where they provide their name and address in order to receive a printed recipe guide. This simple strategy is a great way to build brand awareness and loyalty among customers looking for the perfect recipe for their next family meal. Your company benefits by creating a database of grocery buyer willing to receive information and even coupons for your product as well as providing information that will drive customers to buy your product.

Advertising Recipes for Niche Food Companies is Essential

Remember that recipe guides aren’t just for mainstream food companies. The demand among niche food products is growing quickly as more people are looking for recipes that satisfy their demand for specific dietary needs. If your company offers items that are gluten free, allergen free, or designed for any specific need, a recipe guide is a great way to build awareness and drive customers to your website to find out more. Even non-food companies such as appliance and cookware makers can benefit by developing and advertising recipes guides using your products.

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