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Advertising Promotions & Bonuses

Advertising Promotions and Bonuses

Shoppers love Promotions and Bonuses

Why do shoppers love promotions and bonuses so much? Maybe it’s the thought of getting something for free or just the simple thrill of receiving something they wouldn’t usually own. Whatever the appeal one thing is certain; shoppers love a promotion.

In general, bonuses reign above discounts in the retail world. Often, “Buy 1 get 1 Free” offers are much more popular than percentage discounts. This is usually due to that special buzz word – “Free”! When shoppers feel like they are getting something for free, they feel like they have got better value for their money, and although many consumers may have bought the product anyway and the “BOGOF” offer was simply a bonus offer, the promotion can appeal to newer customers too that love receiving extra value as opposed to a percentage discount.

Offering bonuses and promotions is generally an ineffective way of boosting revenue unless you advertise them as well. In order to reach the right consumer, brands need to advertise these bonuses to make sure they can not only reach out to existing customers, but also reach out to new, potential customers too.

Gourmet Ads network of sites provides advertisers with the ideal platform to reach the right grocery buyers. The Gourmet Ads network reaches out to consumers across the world and we use a variety of advertising techniques and analytics to ensure that your advertising is both efficient and good value for your money.

Reach Targeted audiences through Gourmet Ads with Advertising Promotions

Gourmet Ads is a well trusted ad network, and promotional or sale advertisements placed with us containing these bonuses and promotions can target the right audience to help you increase sales. We use geotargeting as one of our methods of reaching out to specific customers. We believe that your advertising budget should be able to stretch as far as possible, and by using geotargeting (where ads are tailored towards people in specific locales) we can make this a possibility and increase the chances of generating more sales.

So, what makes bonus offers so appealing to customers? It is usually the efficient, fast shoppers that don’t want to spend time working out what 30% off their bottle of cola is – they would rather get an extra big bottle free – it seems like the easier, better deal when consumers are shopping in a hurry!

Research has shown that even if you make the discount even better value than a bonus offer, shoppers will still go for the bonus offer which seems more appealing. With this in mind, you can still offer great deals to your customers but save your brand money by offering what appears to be a better value offer. By advertising bonuses like Buy One Get One Frees, you can entice new shoppers to your brand, keep the loyalty of old shoppers and also boost your brand awareness for the consumer.

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