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Advertising Private Label Brands

Advertising Private Label Brands

Retailers are undertaking Campaigns Advertising Private Label Brands

As the economy crisis begins to worsen, supermarket home brands, often known as private label brands are rapidly growing in popularity with consumers. This is primarily due to private label brands being generally priced cheaper than the branded product lines. However a contributor to the growth is because private label brands are owned by the supermarket, they don’t have to pay listing fees and because of this they get great shelf locations right in front of shoppers.

In many cases the companies which manufacture the branded products also produce the private label branded products, however many shoppers consider private label brands as being cheap and nasty, and don’t buy them because of the quality. So although sales of private labels have increased, generally they haven’t penetrated the mid to higher end of the market at all.

Some private labels only advertise in store or in catalogs, but if private label brands what to see continued growth into new markets they really need to look at non house advertising channels which reach gourmet shoppers, such as Gourmet Ads. Private labels also need to communicate to target markets with different advertising messages. So to a low socioeconomic market the advertising message has to be about quality for the price. Whereas, to a higher socioeconomic segment that usually purchases the branded product, they need to position the private label brand in comparison to the quality product. Make the messaging in the advertising compare the quality of the branded to the private label.

Supermarkets developing Private Label Brands need to support them with Advertising Campaigns.

If supermarkets and grocery stores want their private label brands to continue to grow, they need to advertise their private label brand like their own brand. It’s just as important.

So how does a supermarket with a private label brand market to a higher socioeconomic demographic or gourmet consumer? Easy, via the Gourmet Ads network. Because we reach the mid tail of the Internet, we reach a different consumer that you would find via print, TV or radio. Besides, before consumers head to the supermarket they often research possible recipes online. A media buy through Gourmet Ads is smart because we’re about getting your product brand on the shopping list making a sale in store guaranteed. Its all about reaching the main grocery buyer and creating a compelling reason for them to buy.

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