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Advertising Online Competitions

Advertising Online Competitions

Competitions are ideal for Advertising Online

One way of engaging with your brand is with online competitions or giveaways, especially if your product is a high value, sought after product like a cooking appliance or chef’s knife. When ever there is the chance to win a $1000 blender or wine fridge, you can often get some very useful information from respondents. Have consumer intelligence can be a very powerful asset. Consumers are burned out from so many spam emails and they don’t sign up for email lists with reckless abandon like they once did. You have to show significant value if you want their details and everybody loves the chance to win free stuff.

If people are signing up to win your product, there’s a good chance they’re interested in it and that they would make good prospects for future customers. Getting these people on your mailing list helps you create your own super-targeted audience to advertise to. Once the competition ends you will have a nice list to market to.

So once you’ve set up your competition, how do you get people to see it and enter the competition? Gourmet Ads can position your online competition next to recipes right where your target audience lives. Food news stories and even short cooking videos attract your target market and are a great place for your contest to be advertised. Gourmet Ads provides companies running online competitions a platform to target respondents such as females between 27 -55 years old who love to cook, see Grocery Buyers Audience.

Make sure you are reaching your audience when Advertising Online

These days if you aren’t hitting your target market with your advertising you are basically throwing money into the wind and hoping it lands somewhere useful. It takes a carefully planned strategy to find your customers, introduce yourself, brand yourself and make the sale. Advertising an online competition next to recipe ads and food news is the perfect way to reach your target market and build your list.

If you online competition isn’t on target and you’d like to give it a boost, Gourmet Ads will develop a Digital Media Plan to start driving entries to your Online Competition.

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