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Advertising on Wine Blogs

Advertising on Wine Blogs

Advertising on wine blogs is one of the best ways to reach a targeted audience

Most wine companies around the world are yet to really adapt to online advertising with most still concentrating on outdoor, magazines and TV still. But given the recent economic situation, many wineries are exploring online, especially advertising on wine blogs.

Advertising on wine blogs and wine review websites is certainly one of the best ways to reach a truly targeted audience and from a cost perspective one of the most cost-effective ways to increase your sales. When budgets are limited, advertising on wine blogs is something that should really be considered.

Wine blogs tend to attract a certain type of wine consumer. Sure there are the dedicated die hard wine connoisseurs who know everything about wine. But there is also a level of consumer that has a general interest in wine and who are interested in learning more about wine in general. Because wine blogs talk specifically about wine brands and varieties in a non-marketing way, people are attracted to wine blogs in order to educate their wine palate.

Many wine blogs have unique and original content that you cont find anywhere else

Many wine blogs have unique and original content that you cont find anywhere else. There are obviously wine reviews but that’s not all. Wine bloggers include blogs about visits to wine regions, blogs about vertical tastings, and wines from overseas as well as interviews with wine makers and even brand ambassadors.

Wine bloggers tend to be on the cutting edge, introducing wines and wineries that are often unknown to most, so they can be seen as influential. With this in mind, advertising on wine blogs will definitely elevate your wineries image and being seen as an innovative brand will certainly help at the checkout. Branding is everything when it comes to marketing wines and being viewed on a wine blog does a lot more for your product’s image than a randomly placed newspaper ad ever could.

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