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Advertising Non-GMO Foods

Advertising Non-GMO foods

Gourmet Ads can be your valuable resource for advertising non-GMO foods

Over the past few years there has been a massive growth in awareness when it comes to non-GMO foods. Due to this increase in awareness, consumers are now becoming more interested on what has gone into the foods that they buy and where they came from. Gourmet Ads can help you advertise these non-GMO foods and benefit from it too.

GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism, so non-GMO means that food plants have not been stuffed full of chemicals to either improve the appearance or alter the flavour of natural produce. Not only is altering a plant’s genes harmful to the plant itself, when these plants are harvested and sold as food in supermarkets, it is unknown which risks they may cause the consumer as they could be full of allergens or other toxic elements.

There is such a large awareness of non-GMO foods that in October 2011, thousands of people went on a large scale protest march from New York City to Washington DC to demand that foods should start getting labelled if they are indeed genetically modified. The principal behind this was that people should have the right to know whether they are putting harmful chemicals in their bodies (which is fair enough, right?)

With this newer market emerging trend, consumers are now being properly educated as to the effects of consuming GMO products. This means that there has been leaning trend towards buying more and more non-GMO foods including drinks, dairy products, breads, cereals and baby food.

Another name for these non GMO food products is “organic foods” which is the more generic name given to foods that haven’t been synthetically produced, and the more common name recognised by food shoppers. Advertising these non-GMO foods and organic products on the Gourmet Ads network can further create more visibility and exposure for these types of items.

Gourmet Ads network can educate the consumers regarding non-GMO foods.

Although many people do have some awareness as to the harmful effects of eating genetically modified produce, advertising with Gourmet Ads not only helps you create awareness of your non-GMO foods products, but it can also be an opportunity to reach the right audience and educate the less informed customer. Particularly to the health conscious consumers around the world, your products which boast good and pure ingredients will seem like a fantastically innovative move.

Organic and non-GMO foods can be produced by both small and large companies. For smaller companies who are struggling to establish themselves, advertising with Gourmet Ads can help you gain the right amount of exposure needed to help promote your products and create awareness of your brand. Gourmet Ads offers advertising solutions for people who are struggling to reach the target customer, and can help draw in new custom through targeted advertising campaigns, as well as educate the consumer regarding non-GMO foods.

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