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Advertising Next to Wine Reviews

Advertising Next to Wine Reviews

Advertise where wine consumers are reading Wine Reviews

The most effective online advertising campaigns are those place your advertising on highly relevant websites. You want to get straight to your target audience and especially while they are thinking about your type of product. Many of the Gourmet Ads publishers in our wine vertical produce wine reviews, so why not advertise where wine consumers are learning about wines and reading reviews? It doesn’t matter whether your wine label is specifically mentioned in the review, although a positive wine reviews do have a massive impact on wine sales. The point is that people reading wine reviews are going to generally be in the market for wine.

If the wine blog happens to be talking about how well a nice, smooth Merlot tastes with a grilled lamb chop with herb sauce and you are selling a Merlot, you are certain to sell more wine. Or maybe they are extolling the health benefits of drinking red wines, you may sell more Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Syrah or Pinot Noir. Even if the wine blog or review isn’t talking about your particular label or wine variety, you are still advertising to wine lovers while they are thinking about wine and that is the very definition of a highly targeted online advertising campaign.

Positive Wine reviews drive generate wine sales

Good reviews attract traffic and traffic generates sales as they put the consumer into a positive frame of mind about wine. Wine consumers are always looking for something new to try and catching them while they are reading wine reviews is the perfect time to interest them in your offerings. Even “wine newbies” who are coming to the review sites to learn will be interested in trying a wine they see advertised. Getting your wine advertised next to wine reviews is a great way to strategically place yourself in the right place at the right time.

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