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Advertising Next to Recipes

Advertising Next to Recipes

Brand Advertising Next to Recipes is a Great Positioning Tool

How much more targeted can an ad get than to be a food ingredient placed directly next to a recipe that calls for that ingredient? Branding is everything when it comes to marketing food products and the most effective way to brand your product is to use the most targeted advertising possible. Think about how many people choose a brand because they are making a specific recipe. We’d be willing to bet that Campbell’s sells more Cream of Mushroom soup during the holidays than any other brand. Why? Because for years they have placed the recipe for “Green Bean Casserole” right on the package. People decide to make green bean casserole for Thanksgiving dinner and they immediately think, “Campbell’s”.

This same branding phenomenon can work for any food product at any time of year. The goal is to make your brand synonymous with the recipes your product can be used in. The great thing for today’s online advertisers is that more and more people are turning to online recipes for their cooking needs. In fact, according to a recent report by Nielsen’s Net Ratings, at least 60% of people who shop online also use online recipes. This means that the audience for your ingredients is not only extremely targeted, it is also huge! Many people have a computer in or near the kitchen and it is extremely convenient for them to just hop online and search for a recipe, much easier than remembering which cookbook it is in!

Imagine your food ingredient placed directly next to recipes that call for that ingredient?

Many of your target group of consumers will not only search online for a recipe, they will also run straight to the store to get needed ingredients right after viewing the recipe and they will usually print the recipe to take with them. That means that if your product is advertised next to the recipe your brand will already be in their hands when they make a purchase decision. How much easier does it get than that?

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