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Advertising Laundry Powder

Advertising Laundry Powder

Lack of consumer interest in laundry powder

In terms of priorities in advertising, laundry powder is one of the lowest on the list. This is mainly due to a lack of audience interest in the products themselves and therefore a disinterest to actually view the ads.

As consumer marketing usually revolves around the consumer’s ‘needs’ and ‘wants’, it makes sense that not a lot of money is invested in laundry powder ad campaigns – after all, who wants to be wasting money on dead end products? But they are not as dead end as you may think. In recent years, laundry powder ads have become fashionable, controversial and fun which has raised awareness, not only of specific brands but also of the product in general.

When it comes to picking out a laundry powder, most consumers will generally opt for a product that they have heard of i.e. a well established brand. However, this level of consistency couldn’t be achieved without ad campaigns there to continuously remind consumers of the existence of the brands and the products.

In the environmentally conscious world that we live in, greener choices of laundry powder are becoming more appealing to consumers. Audiences are becoming more and more aware of the harmful effects of chemical-filled products to the environment and to their health. This is why greener choices of products can help establish new brands coming up in this category, as newer “greener” products can be more appealing to the modern audience.

Popular, eye-catching campaigns such as those introduced by Method – an American laundry powder detergent – uses catchy slogans such as “Say no to jugs” to draw in contemporary audiences. Online banner ads along the same theme have proved effective in digital advertising, and it is this type of advertising that Gourmet Ads can help you with.

Geo targeting laundry powder ad campaigns

Advertising is all about targeting the right customer, and to do so, Gourmet Ads uses geo targeting. Geo targeted laundry powder campaigns which reach specific locations across the world or just across one district means that you will get more results, increase your customer base and boost sales. Geo targeting for laundry powder campaigns can especially create stronger branding for new products and even new brands. Ad campaigns can help raise awareness of brands and therefore create a connection between both brand and consumer, leading to (hopefully) more sales.

Depending on the angle your ad campaign takes, you could find that if you are a small brand that is just starting out, you could find your products lost amongst shelves and hidden by bigger brands. By using Gourmet Ads, your ad campaign can be spread across Gourmet Ads network of sites to reach new consumers which could lead to quality brand establishment for laundry powder.

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