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Advertising iPhone Applications

To stand out its essential to be Advertising iPhone Applications

Fact – The number of iPhone (and iPad) users increases daily, as does the number of apps available on the App Store. In the food and grocery space, Kraft Foods was on the radar for launching its iPhone app that took iPhone users by storm. So how do companies developing a food or grocery app get people to install it on their iPhone or iPad?

Many believe this is easier said than done and since apps for iPhone users are not easy to launch and get market share. Furthermore, if you’re in the food industry, the challenge to get your food apps into the mainstream of all iPhone apps might seem impossible. However, designing the applications is not as difficult as advertising them. More and more application owners are realizing they need to invest in advertising iPhone applications.

Once you’ve identified your ideal target market, it’s about running a campaign which reaches them in places where they spend time online, such as recipe websites and food blogs. The next question is where do you send the user that clicks on the ads? There are two schools of thinking and both have their own advantages.

The first is sending users directly to the app store for purchase. I’m told this can be a really good strategy or can have a negative effect as users can churn to “similar applications” and you lose the sale or install.

When Advertising iPhone Applications send users to a Landing Page

The second thinking is to send them to specific webpage or landing page for your app. Here you can provide much more information as well as demos of the application, before sending them to the app store for purchase. The key advantages of having your own landing page for your app is that you can place a web beacon on this site and control all the data which can be used for Retargeting or Behavioral Targeting in the future. There are also search engine benefits with this model as well.

So if you’ve developed an food or grocery based iPhone application and are seeking more relevant audience of people to install the app, then Gourmet Ads can begin Advertising iPhone Applications to drive sales (or free downloads).

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