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Advertising to Increase Email Lists

Advertising to Increase Email Lists

Are you running campaigns aimed at Increasing Email Lists ?

Food and wine companies that undertaking email marketing as part of their online marketing mix will attest that a key to success is a healthy database of subscribers. Which means that growing your email list is top priority as well as being a constant exercise. So how do you constantly acquire new customers to send emails to?

Acquisition Campaign
Taking a very direct marketing approach, running an acquisition campaign every other month with large reach to your target audience is one way that you can acquire new emails. Besure to only target sites that are your target audience, otherwise your wasting your marketing dollars. Gourmet Ads food vertical typically reaches females 27-55 who are the Main Grocery Buyer.

The key with an acquisition campaign is to ensure that you have new and exciting creative that encourages people to sign up, as soon as they’ve seen the creative. Your advertising creative needs to explain what you’re offering, how often you send emails and what the key message to why they should sign up. Finally make sure you give something to them when they signup; like a gift certificate or discount coupon.

Gain Email Lists by Competitions

Running a GREAT competition can give your email list a real boost. I say great because most online competitions are very average. A great competition is offering a prize like now other which has a high preserved value and is unique. Create one of these and you’ll not only get great entry rates, but you’ll get entrants forwarding it to friends and even media picking up the campaign. Ideally launched by a wide reaching media buy, once again aimed at your target audience will help boost your email list numbers.
Finally, the key to boosting your email list is not to simply increase your list for the sack of sending to more numbers. You need to boost numbers of relevant users in order to get the greatest effect. Which means that when you’re media buying make sure you buy on networks like Gourmet Ads which have a focus on food and wine. Depending on your targeting, you could apply any sorts of Geo Targeting or Behavioral Targeting.

If you’d like Gourmet Ads to prepare a proposal for increasing your email lists either by a direct marketing style campaign or competition, then Gourmet Ads can develop a media plan for your consideration.


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