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Advertising Household Cleaning Products

Advertising Household Cleaning Products

Grocery Buyers are the consumers who purchase Household Cleaning Products

For FMCG and CPG companies who specifically make household cleaning products, targeting the Main Grocery Buyer is essential to ensure supermarket sales, but how do you reach an audience of consumers cost effectively?

All household cleaning products is typically wide reaching branding campaigns which are aimed at gaining brand awareness. So no matter if its “BAM”, “Windex” or “AJAX” the aim is to create awareness of their brand so when you’re in the supermarket aisle you’ll immediately see the brand and buy. Companies like Clorox and Procter & Gamble have done this very well in the last decade.

Generally speaking the main household grocery buyer is the same person in the house that cleans and cooks, so its fair to say there’s a relationship between the food and cleaning, even more so when it comes to dish washing detergents and dish washer powders. So naturally advertising your household cleaning products on foods websites and blogs is advantageous for your brand.

Household cleaning products companies have run branding advertising on TV for generations, hence they coined the phrase “TV Soaps” where they underwrote and advertised on TV programs. But with times changing Household cleaning products companies need to look towards the internet for their next generation of customers, which is why it’s important to develop branding campaigns online.

With food in mind, one of the most relevant channels for household cleaning products companies to advertise and undertake wide reaching branding campaigns is with Gourmet Ads. When advertising in our food vertical we allow your advertisements to appear directly next to recipes and articles on food. This provides extremely strong and ever reminding branding opportunity with main household grocery buyer, especially when most times they are browsing and writing their shopping list, an  important time to reach the consumer. We’ve previously written about getting your brand on the shopping list.

So we’ve talked briefly about dish washing detergents and dish washer powders, but what other household cleaning products would suit being advertised with Gourmet Ads?

Household Cleaning Products which are ideal for Online Advertising include;

  • Dish washing detergents
  • Dish washer powders
  • Oven Cleaners
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Kitchen Wipes
  • Floor Cleaners
  • Laundry Powders
  • Window cleaners
  • Mops & buckets

If you’d like to see your Household Cleaning Products sales jump, then contact Gourmet Ads with your next advertising campaign requirements.

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