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Advertising Gym Memberships

Advertising Gym Memberships

Advertising Gym Memberships to a largely female audience

No matter the month of the year, gyms are always advertising gym memberships and bring in new members. If its going to the beach or trying to keep that New Years resolution, there seems to be a dozen or so times in the year which are perfect time to market gym memberships. But who do you market to? Most so-called fitness buffs already have a gym membership, meaning that sites dedicated to this clientele bring in only a limited number of new memberships. If you are in the gym business, consider marketing to the Gourmet Ads audience.

The reason Gourmet Ads readers are a perfect fit for gym membership marketing efforts is that they are often the head of their households and the primary grocery buyer. Our audience is also made up of largely women and men who are interested in living a healthier lifestyle. Many of our viewers spend time looking for meal and recipe ideas that involve healthy foods, and others look for healthy living ideas on related lifestyle sites. In fact, our audience is the very same group of women who join gyms such as Curves, where they can get healthy while spending time with friends.

Local Advertising – Geo Targeting your Advertising Gym Memberships

Gourmet Ads has a number of marketing tools that can help you get the message about your gym in front of the right reader, at the right time.  Gourmet Ads uses a marketing technique called geo-targeting, which means that we can display your ad to users in a specific geographic area, meaning that you get targeted views of people who live or work in your area. For larger, chain gyms, Gourmet Ads can display your ad to a larger audience, while still using geo-targeted marketing to bring in the viewers you want. Another method that can be used is targeted marketing, in which customers who have previously visited your site will view an ad about your gym when they visit one of our network of food-related sites. This helps build up brand identity for your gym, and can bring in more hits to your page.

If you plan to advertise special offers, such as free classes, discounts on memberships, or free trial memberships, Gourmet Ads can place advertisements for you that will reach our budget-savvy customers. Many of our customers spend a significant amount of time researching online before they make a purchase or even before they enter the doors of a local gym so advertising on our network of sites can help raise awareness of your gym and bring in foot traffic that other methods wouldn’t. By seeing your ad as they visit several different sites, Gourmet Ads customers are more likely to click through to find out more about your gym and what you have to offer.

Advertising gym memberships to health conscious shoppers just makes sense and that’s exactly what Gourmet Ads can offer you. By placing information about your gym on our extensive network of food-related sites that appeal to shoppers looking for a healthier lifestyle, you can reach a new audience that you may be missing out on. Don’t forget, with the approach of warmer weather, advertising gym memberships as gifts can be a great idea, and Gourmet Ads reaches the network of wives and mothers that are likely to purchase gym memberships for a spouse or loved one. Gourmet Ads doesn’t just get page views for your site, we get targeted page views from the shoppers who are most likely to come in and find out more about a membership at your gym. Contact the Gourmet Ads team to find out more about how our network of sites can create more returns when advertising gym memberships and bring new members to your gym.

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