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Advertising Group Buying Sites

Advertising Group Buying Sites

Advertising Group Buying Sites should be aimed at women on a Local basis

Among the most popular trends in internet buying are group buying sites, such as Groupon, Living Social, Tippr, 8coupons, BuyWithMe, and CrowdSavings. These sites give consumers the opportunity to purchase products or services at a discounted rate, usually dependent on the number of purchases made. Group buying sites offer everything from deals on restaurants to spa and hair care services and a large number of product opportunities. Customers enjoy trying out new businesses at a significantly lower cost, and companies benefit by gaining exposure among a new audience. While some of the big name sites are often the first that come to mind, new group buying sites are making a successful appearance in nearly every city.

The people who buy most often from group buying sites are women, generally younger, most with a college education, and they generally come from middle to upper level income brackets. These are the very same people who make up the Gourmet Ads’ audience. These customers are well versed in online research and have a keen sense of a good deal, and our audience can be just the right fit for your group buying site.

Geo Targeting is essential when Advertising Group Buying Sites

Since most group buying sites are geographically defined- for example, they only offer deals in particular cities- you can use targeting to find customers exactly where you want to operate. We use targeted marketing which varies the advertisements shown to different website viewers based on specific factors, including location. This method is called geo targeting, and makes sense for companies who operate in a specific area. So if you wanted to offer deals to customers in the Denver area, the advertising would be only shown in Denver and have relevant copy mentioning Denver. This means that you will get more relevant views of your ad than with traditional online marketing techniques which display an ad to everyone and hope they click on it.

Our audience is perfect to advertise group buying offers because they are interested in the very things that are offered by group buying sites. For example, our viewers are interested in food, entertaining, and fine living. If your group buying site offers deals on restaurants, classes, hotels, or shopping, these are the very same customers you are looking for. Our customers are also frequent users of blogs and social media, and many share updates throughout the day with like minded consumers who may also be interested in your site.

Group buying sites are a trend that will continue to grow in the coming years. Let Gourmet Ads show you how you can appeal to a broader range of customers by allowing us to reach out to our audience in regards to Advertising Group Buying Sites.

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