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Advertising Low Glycemic Foods

Advertising Low Glycemic Foods

Advertising Low Glycemic Foods can increase sales for your Brand

Low glycemic index foods have become the hottest trend in dieting and represent an important market for the growing number of diabetic consumers, hence the need for advertising low glycemic foods. Customers are often in the market for foods with a low glycemic value that they can include in either weight loss diets or those designed to help control blood sugars, and many shoppers are unaware of the large variety of low glycemic products on the market. Companies that manufacture foods that are either designed specifically to have a low glycemic index (such as diet products, bars, or pre-packaged meals) as well as companies whose products already have a low glycemic index can take advantage of consumers’ interest by advertising low glycemic foods.

The science behind low glycemic index foods says that the body processes different types of carbohydrates in different ways. Foods that have a low glycemic value are processed more slowly and require less insulin in order to be made into energy which is stored in cells. In contrast, foods with a high glycemic index require substantial amounts of insulin and are quickly deposited in the cells as fat, rather than energy. By reducing intake of high glycemic index foods, dieters can reduce the amount of fat that they retain. For people with Diabetes, low glycemic index foods do not cause dangerous spikes in blood sugar and are part of a diet that can prevent health problems and reduce their reliance on insulin.

Educating consumers is an important element when Advertising Low Glycemic Foods

Advertising low glycemic foods requires educating customers on why a particular food can be considered low on the glycemic index. There are a number of diets that advocate eating a high-carb diet, a major switch from diets that classified all carbohydrate containing foods as being fattening.  With their newfound ability to enjoy their favorite carbs again, dieters are on the hunt for foods that are low on the glycemic index and taste great.  Manufacturers who offer these products can grab their share of this growing market- but only if they can find a way to let customers know about their low glycemic index products. Digital advertising is ideal for this purpose, because an online advertisement can provide both a quick attention getter as well as a link to more information. A banner or video ad that identifies a food with a low glycemic index and contains a link to the manufacturers’ website with information about including the product as part of a low glycemic index diet is the ideal way to appeal to these customers.

Whether you make a product that is designed to have a low glycemic value or simply have an existing product that has those properties, the right advertising will help make customers more aware of the benefits your product has to offer. Gourmet Ads customers are often health conscious and looking for products that fit into their healthy lifestyles. Obesity and Diabetes are health crises that continue to affect most families in the country, and advertising low glycemic foods to our readers is such an effective strategy.

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