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Advertising Gift Cards

There are various strategies to consider when Advertising Gift Cards online

The use of gift cards has grown to a near everyday occurrence for many families. The sale of gift cards has become a staple of many grocery stores, department stores, and even online retailers. While people are more willing than ever to buy gift cards, the question becomes how to get consumers to buy gift cards from your company.

In the months leading up to the Christmas shopping season, Gourmet Ads partnered with American Express to create an ad campaign aimed at encouraging women shoppers to consider choosing American Express Gift cards. The strategy involved a RON campaign, which was paired with specific retargeting elements which lead to a strong increase in online sales. The same experience and knowledge that worked to create sales for American Express can help you advertising gift cards which you retail.

Gift cards fall into two general categories- store specific (gift cards which may only be redeemed at a single merchant) and anywhere cards (such as American Express gift cards which can be used anywhere credit or debit cards are accepted). Regardless of which type of card you have to offer, Gourmet Ads can help you find the right audience for your gift cards. Our large audience of shoppers who are looking for everything from a great place to eat dinner (restaurant gift cards!) to shopping money for teenagers (anywhere cards!) and gifts (store specific cards!).

Like any other product, advertising gift cards starts by knowing who your audience is

Like any other product, advertising gift cards starts by knowing who your audience is. For example, there is a large demand for rechargeable gift cards that can be used at grocery stores, discount stores, and department stores. Parents give these cards to college age students, use them to track spending, and give them as gifts. Another important category is the growing demand for gift cards that can be used much like pre-paid credit or debit cards. Not only are these great for kids, increasing concerns about the security of online shopping have fueled the market for this type of gift cards. The team at Gourmet Ads can help you design a campaign targeted at the type of customer most likely to buy your gift cards.

Gift cards are also an important impulse purchase item- next time you go to a grocery or discount store, notice how many cards are displayed at the checkout stand. Contact the Gourmet Ads team to find out more about advertising gift cards and driving sales to new heights.

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