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Advertising Frozen Vegetables

Advertising Frozen Vegetables

Advertising Frozen Vegetables to Household Grocery Buyers

The frozen vegetable market is growing and the debate of whether frozen vegetables are better than fresh still continues to be a hot topic amongst food lovers everywhere. It is the growth of the frozen vegetables market that makes this such a good time to capitalize on advertising these particular products.

So the Fresh vs. Frozen debate continues, and so does the fact that so many people’s opinions are split on the matter. By advertising frozen vegetables, you can explain to the consumers the great nutritious value that frozen products have over fresh. Frozen vegetables have to go through a process to ensure that their nutrients stay locked in, they are frozen as quickly as possible so that they remain rich with all vitamins and nutrients. Fresh vegetables on the other hand are picked before they are at maximum ripeness (which makes sense if tropical fruit has a way to travel before it hits our supermarket shelves). However, due to them being picked before they are ripe, fresh produce in fact contains fewer nutrients than frozen. This is a great angle to use when advertising frozen vegetables to consumers. There are a lot of very health-conscious people out there, and it can be your job to steer them toward your product with promises of great nutritional value.

By advertising frozen vegetables, you can put emphasis on the amount of money your consumers would be saving. Buying fresh produce and preparing it for a meal can be time consuming and very expensive, however with frozen vegetables, they are already prepared for you and only take minutes to steam or boil (although steaming is better for keeping the nutrients in the veggies!). When you boil your frozen vegetables, a lot of the vitamins are drained away when the water is, so explaining to your consumers the best way for keeping your vegetables nutritious and delicious is to steam them.

Frozen vegetables are a great way to add health and nutrition to the daily diet

Bags of mixed frozen vegetables are a great way to show your consumers that you understand that they like variety and are a great way to show how convenient eating healthily can be. Ad campaigns about ‘getting your five a day’ are everywhere and although it may not convert all consumers all at once, at least the seed has been planted in their minds about changing the way they eat.

Emphasising not only the health benefits but also the economic benefits of buying frozen vegetables could well have consumers coming round to your way of thinking. If you think about how much fresh produce gets thrown away after it rotting at the back of a cupboard, consumers would much rather have the easy option of removing a bag of frozen vegetables from the freezer and placing them back after use, it’s quick, easy, and means that the vegetables can be used weeks after purchase!

By advertising recipes using frozen vegetables, you can also create an excitement amongst your consumers about a new way of cooking – they will love how easy it all seems. The major players in the frozen vegetables market include companies like Birds Eye, Ardo and Heinz. You can join these massive names and promote your products too and become a part of the growing trend in selling and advertising frozen vegetables.

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