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Advertising Freeze Dried Snacks

Advertising Freeze Dried Snacks

Freeze dried snacks – an emerging food market trend

The appeal of living a better and healthier life is a massive deal for many people. With so many people now being aware of the importance of healthy foods as part of a balanced lifestyle, it is no wonder that so many of us are turning to snacks that are much better for us. Instead of reaching for a packet of crisps or a chocolate bar, many of us are now reaching for freeze dried snacks to keep our hunger pangs at bay.

Freeze dried snacks are a fairly new market and are a popular emerging trend when it comes to snacking. Freeze dried snacks are basically fresh fruit and vegetables that are put through a freezing process which takes out their water content using evaporation, and leaves them dry and crispy.

Fruits and vegetables in this ‘freeze dried’ form are steadily becoming one of the hottest food trends of the modern day and are increasing in popularity more and more. By taking out the water from many of these fruit and vegetables, it means that consumers are left with the intense flavour of the fruit of vegetable product itself which is very low in fat yet high in nutrients.

Freeze dried snack companies are still a fairly new phenomenon so it is understandable that most of these companies are small or medium sized. Freeze dried snacks definitely are prevalent on shelves in supermarkets worldwide, and are especially popular in health food stores. Although freeze dried snack are increasing in popularity, advertising the products and their brands are vital in creating a wider audience and generating more sales.

As some of these companies are so small, some only get their business on the internet. Web sales are therefore very important, as is using the web to promote their brand and products. Due to the refreshing nature of the freeze dried snacks and their healthy appeal, many products like these are also beginning to be advertised on food web retailer websites too.

Responsible advertising of freeze dried snacks as healthy options for children

These snack companies are now targeting children to increase their audience. Advertising healthy freeze dried snacks is the responsible way of advertising to children, and with one in three children in America being overweight (see Food Advertising to Children blog for details), it is a great way to get healthy foods to appeal to the younger generation.

Not only are freeze dried fruits good for you, they can also be kept for a long time in their sealed packets – a benefit they definitely have over fresh fruit and vegetables! To show off these benefits to potential customers, Gourmet Ads can help even smaller companies stand out.

Gourmet Ads can help you work to create effective advertising campaigns that attract new customers and create great customer loyalty for your brand. By creating this brand awareness, advertising freeze dried snacks can also educate consumers as to the health benefits of these types of foods too.

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