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Advertising your Facebook Page

Advertising Your Facebook Page

A successful campaign has to include advertising your Facebook Page

Social media marketing has become more than just a nice idea- for any serious retailer supermarket or grocer; your Facebook Page has become part of the media mix. Like any other type of marketing, you need to advertise your Facebook Page to attract visitors and get the most out of the time and effort you put into maintaining your page.  No matter what you plan to have on your Facebook Page, the first step is to ensure you are mentioning it in your regular advertising.

The internet boom has already taught companies about the need to educate customers about their web presence.  Social media is the same- your Facebook page doesn’t do you much good if no one visits it.  The key to making the most of your Facebook page is to get as many “likes” as possible and to build word of mouth to bring new visitors to your site.

Gourmet Ads can help you design a strategy for advertising your Facebook page by:

  • Helping you create meaningful, relevant, entertaining content that will make viewers want to find out more about your company.  The currency of Facebook is short, informational posts and creative video content that will make people not only visit your site but want to re-post and tell friends about what you have to offer.
  • Maintaining a consistent corporate image that flows through your advertising, website, and Facebook page.  When viewers come to your Facebook page, they should recognize immediately that the page is about your company. Gourmet Ads can help create advertising that ties in with your Facebook and web page image and reinforces your brand identity.
  • Understanding what makes a great Facebook page. While there are numerous social media tools that you can use to advertise your company, you can’t use a one-size-fits-all approach to the different sites.  The staff at Gourmet Ads is familiar with how each tool works, and can teach you to use each site for maximum effectiveness.
  • Use the available advertising formats to gain more “likes”. Facebook marketing takes two forms- you can use your page as the landing page for a larger marketing campaign or you can send customers directly to your Facebook page for the information they need. The Gourmet Ads team understands how to use Facebook most effectively in any situation.

Some say your Facebook Page is more important that your website.

Social media marketing is one of the most powerful tools available to retailers and manufacturers, but it can also be a challenge to manage.  When you create a Facebook page, you must also be ready to manage your online reputation. While most people visit your page to find out more about you, you will also need to be prepared to ensure that the information they see portrays your company in the best possible light.  This is another area where Gourmet Ads can help, by managing the content that visitors see when they come to your Facebook page.

Creating a Facebook Page is a smart way to raise awareness of your brand and bring new customers to your site. When you choose Gourmet Ads to help advertise your Facebook Page, you will be working with a company who strives to understand both your brand and the goals you hope to achieve.

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