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Advertising Eggs

Advertising Eggs to elevate the Staple Humble Egg

Have you ever heard the ad campaign about the “Incredible, Edible Egg”? This campaign advertising eggs have regained popularity as a healthy source of protein and a food that can be enjoyed on its own or as part of an endless number of recipes. As consumers start enjoying this humble staple again, now is the perfect time for egg boards and egg producers to educate customers on the versatility and health benefits of eggs. As part of your complete marketing strategy, Gourmet Ads can place your ads so that they reach out to customers who do the cooking and grocery shopping in their homes.

While eggs in general have been making significant strides in the hearts and refrigerators of consumers, there is a rapidly growing interest in organic and free range eggs. One of Gourmet Ads customers has seen a high level of interest in a video they created which shows customers the very farm their eggs come from and gives them a chance to view how an organic farm can help them enjoy eggs that are produced in the healthiest way. The advertising eggs video has attracted attention from shoppers who want to find out what “organic” and “free range” actually mean to them, and has become one of the most successful video advertisements that Gourmet Ads has placed. If your company produces a similar type of organic, cage-free, or free-range egg, Gourmet Ads can help you bring attention to your eggs.

Whether you are a producer of organic or standard production eggs, customers are again looking for ways to enjoy eating eggs, and you can develop a marketing campaign that will remind shoppers why eggs are the ultimate comfort food. The Gourmet Ads network of sites reaches everyone from gourmet cooks to home chefs, although the majority of our audience is made up of women who are the main grocery shoppers in their homes. Advertising to these customers about the health benefits of eggs is a great way to catch their eye, and Gourmet Ads can help you place advertisements that will appeal to these shoppers.

Farmers when Advertising Eggs can communicate the health benefits of Free Range Eggs

Another great way to bring customers to your site and remind shoppers to pick up eggs on their next trip is to let Gourmet Ads help you place recipe ideas featuring eggs on our network of sites. Gourmet Ads customers are always on the lookout for healthy, quick, delicious ways to feed their families, and many egg recipes fit this description to a tee. Gourmet Ads can help you place advertisements on our network of sites that feature eggs. If you are an egg marketing board that has come up with a clever idea to help promote cooking with eggs, Gourmet Ads can show you how placing your ad campaign online can reach a much larger segment of the grocery buying population than even television and print advertisements.

When you are ready to introduce new shoppers to the many health benefits of eggs, let Gourmet Ads help you manage your online campaign for advertising eggs and reach the customers who are looking for you.

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