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Advertising Dishwashing Liquid

Advertising Dishwashing Liquid

Reviving Dishwashing Liquid Ad Campaigns

Dishwashing liquid is a mature product in a mature market, so new brands as well as established ones need a robust system of ad campaigns to continuously draw in new customers whilst still keeping old ones, establish their brand name and increase brand credibility for the audience.

With such a huge development in many peoples’ lives and with many people “going green”, advertising green dishwashing liquid choices are becoming popular. There has been a huge growth in general awareness around the subject of “going green” and leading a more eco friendly lifestyle and this gives dishwashing liquid brands the chance to advertise greener options to their audience.

The idea of “going green” basically means reusing, recycling and not wasting natural resources available to us. This also includes not using products which carry harmful chemicals that can both damage ourselves and the environment. There are many home remedies which some consumers swear by, but there is a gap in the market for dishwashing liquid brands which can contribute to the green lifestyle.

Advertising the ‘green’ dishwashing liquid brands

By advertising products which use less or no chemicals than the average product, your brand can be viewed by the consumer as the “brand that cares”. Brands such as Ecover and Dawn have both shown initiative with their ad campaigns; Dawn in particular has taken a different angle with their ad campaign. Instead of promoting their dishwashing liquid as a great dish cleaning product, they are using their product to raise awareness of oil spills and how useful their product can be in cleaning grease off bird’s feathers. A genuine and heartfelt ad campaign, it is also a very clever method of reaching out to animal lovers, environmentalists and anyone who wants to look after the planet.

By advertising dishwashing liquid on Gourmet Ads network of sites, you can begin to create a stronger identity for your brand which should ultimately lead to increased sales of your products. By using geo targeting, Gourmet Ads can target the dishwashing liquid advertising campaigns in respective geographical areas to yield more results for your advertising campaigns. This will help increase branding for your product and help present you as a more established brand, and the more established a brand is, the more likely consumers are going to trust your products.

Dawn used TV commercials and the use of website advertising in their bid to promote their product, by using Gourmet Ads network to promote your ad campaign; you can reach out to new audiences and a large amount of dedicated Gourmet Ads followers in locations all over the world. Geo targeting your ad campaigns also ensures that your campaign reaches relevant consumers, thus eventually leading to an increase in sales for dishwashing liquid.

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