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Advertising Dinnerware

Advertising Dinnerware should be aimed towards self confessed Foodies

Dinnerware was once an item that was limited to purchase by newlyweds who registered for place settings at a department store. Today, customers are constantly on the lookout for dishes that will enhance the look of their home, make food look more beautiful, create the right entertaining atmosphere, or just brighten up their dining table. While people used to limit themselves to a single set of dinnerware, families now enjoy having different sets for each activity.

The core audience of Gourmet Ads could best be described as “foodies”- people who are interested in food and everything that goes along with it, from dinnerware and glassware to appliances and kitchen cabinetry. The appetite of these customers is insatiable- as more people stay home to eat, the money that customers once spent on eating out is now being used to create a gourmet experience at home.

The Gourmet Ads audience is made up of the very same people who purchase dinnerware on a regular basis. They are parents, cooks, and those who love to entertain. They love to create dishes in their homes and they look for dinnerware that will accentuate their culinary creations. These consumers enjoy having a set of dinnerware for everyday use, holiday and seasonal patterns, and dishes designed for entertaining. Readers look for companies that offer a wide selection and they purchase from those retailers who can offer them a large variety of choices.

What Brands are Advertising Dinnerware Online ?

Not only do these customers want quality dinnerware, they also have an appreciation for major brands and high quality products. We know our audience spends significant time researching the things they buy online long before they ever set foot in a store or look for an online retailer. Brands that customers shop for include Corelle, Mikasa, Dansk, Noritake, Pfaltzgraff, Lenox, Gibson, Royal Albert, Portmeririon, Fiesta / Homer Laughlin, and many others.

So no matter if you’re tasked with advertising dinnerware at either the manufacturer, retailer or online retailer levels, finding your target online can be difficult. Because we reach customers through our network of food-related sites, it’s a perfect match for dinnerware makers and retailers alike. It is a well-known fact that consumers are more likely to go to a brand environment- that is, customers look for information in the places they have been before and they are more likely to trust information from sites they regularly visit. For the type of at-home gourmet that makes up our audience, information received on the food blogs and recipe sites is more trusted than advertisements found nearly anywhere else. This is why advertising dinnerware through Gourmet Ads will reach the customers who are most interested in dining, food and entertaining.

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