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Advertising Craft Beers

Advertising Craft Beers

Advertising the new emerging market of Craft Beers

Small breweries and craft beers are an emerging new market which have a small dedicated following from fans all over the world. Craft brewers only produce a small amount of beer (also known as “craft beers”) and it is with this in mind that lovers of craft beer find delight in its exclusivity.

For small and medium sized brewers, getting the word out about their product is one of the major challenges. Advertising using traditional media can be expensive, so craft beers companies need to use efficient and cost effective methods of advertising such as digital media.

So if you are looking for a great way for advertising your craft beers, Gourmet Ads will be able to help by connecting you to your target demographic by using digital media. Gourmet Ads is connected to dedicated food and drink lovers and can target advertising campaigns at the embracing audience at the right time – for example, strategically placed ads during the Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl in particular is a major event in households across the USA (and in some other places too!). It is vital to remember that targeting people during a time of year where they are very likely to eat certain foods or drink certain beverages is the best way of selling them. Focus on the fact that the Super Bowl is a time of year where groups of people host Super Bowl gatherings. Food and drink is bound to be served, and what better way to spend the day than with a crate of craft beers?

Gourmet Ads can offer targeted advertising campaigns for Craft Beers retailers

Gourmet Ads is here to offer craft breweries alternative advertising solutions for their advertising campaigns as well as web food retailers which feature craft beers. By advertising craft beers on a variety of associate sites, products will be exposed to a larger number of potential consumers which should increase overall sales.

Gourmet Ads’ many advertising solutions also mean that we can help smaller companies (such as companies that brew craft beers) get noticed. Advertising is all about standing out, so if you want to gain more exposure with an online presence, then Gourmet Ads can provide that exposure.

A lot of the Gourmet Ads users also may be unfamiliar with craft beers, so using our network of sites to reach out to them can also be a form of educating them about your product and your brand. Gourmet Ads’ network is also great for creating brand awareness amongst potential consumers. By getting your company name “out there”, your online advertising campaign can help establish your products and your brand, thus increasing your credibility for the consumer.

Not only is the Super Bowl season the right time to advertise, it is the ideal time to make the most of product-hungry consumers, especially for products like craft beers.

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