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Advertising Cosmetic Products

Women are the target audience for Advertising Cosmetic Products

There is no doubt, that Gourmet Ads is one of the most relevant, targeted ways to advertise grocery, food and wine products to consumers online. However, you may not realize that our audience base that is made up largely of the target audience for cosmetic products, Women.

While food is important to our audience, they also love to look and feel great. Our average audience member is a woman between the ages of 27 and 55 years old – the ideal target demographic for health and beauty products. Research has shown that the primary grocery shoppers in most households are women, and that mothers are the major decision makers when it comes to shopping habits for the house hold. These same consumers purchase other items during their shopping trips – including women’s interest magazines and health and beauty items. By using Gourmet Ads to advertise products ranging from make up to anti-aging products, you will reach a consumer that is not only your primary customer, but who is also looking for products to buy during her next shopping trip.

Known as cross-marketing, the idea of advertising non-competing products on a single platform is not a new idea. However, with the increase in women who use the internet in search of new recipe ideas, sales on food items, and even online grocery shopping, the possibilities for marketing cosmetics in conjunction with food items have grown. Female consumers are known for making cosmetic purchases while shopping for food items- this is why many grocery stores have a sizeable cosmetic aisle in the store.

Advertise cosmetic products in the same location where women come to find for food

In the same way, Gourmet Ads can help you advertise cosmetic products in the same location where women come to find out more about food. There has been a documented increase in the number of women who use the internet to find recipes and meal preparation ideas for their families, and by using our platform to put your product in front of these shoppers, you will reach a largely untapped resource.

Our trafficking team has dedicated time and efforts into finding out what makes its audience willing to buy a new product. Cosmetic companies can take advantage of this knowledge by booking advertisements that have been proven to encourage customers to click through and find out more about a particular product.

While customers who visit sites that specifically market cosmetics have often already decided what they want to buy, advertising through food-related websites with Gourmet Ads allows you to reach customers who are at the beginning of the product purchasing cycle. By advertising to these consumers, you will build up your brand identification and remind consumers to look for your product as they complete routine shopping trips. If you are Advertising Cosmetic Products and would like to learn more about Gourmet Ads, then Contact Us.

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